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Strategic Cooperation Partner

Canada - Strategic Cooperation Partner for the 2010 NoAE Innovations-Competition
Canada has been designated as the first country to become an official cooperation partner for the 2010 NoAE Innovations-Competition.

Partners are:    
Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance  
Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association  

Upcoming Events 2010

Important dates for upcoming activities with the participation of Canadian organizations and companies:

Date Activity Place
Sept. 13-16 EV 2010 Electric Vehicles Trade Show
Sept. 6-9 VTC2010-Fall Vehicular Technology Conf.

Portrait of Innovators from Canada

Monthly annoucement of innovative companies and organizatons from Canada:

Company Radix Controls Inc.
Innovation Founded in 1994, Radix Controls specializes in advanced technology solutions for industrial applications & automation, with the goal of improving quality & effectiveness for manufacturing facilities. Radix Controls serves the manufacturing sector, in both North & South America, providing high quality & well-designed solutions incorporating custom software for process control and management, vision, automation, robotics, bar coding, smart cards, PLC’s & packaged software tools. 

100% Canadian owned, this privately held company is a preferred supplier to such world class companies as Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Nemak, Magna, Hayes Lemmerz & Cadbury, to name a few. Radix Controls Inc. is a Microsoft Certified Partner, ABB Partner, Certified Siemens Partner & certified Cognex Preferred System Integrator.

The Industrial Computing & Networking group at Radix has in depth expertise in custom software applications for process control & management, SCADA, human-machine interface, data base management &/or data mining & internet-based technologies. The Industrial Automation & Engineering group designs, installs & supports turnkey automation solutions, as well as stand alone systems, incorporating marking technologies, robotics, machine vision systems, torque guns & programmable logic controllers.  

Radix Controls Inc. specializes in:
- single camera 2- & 3-D vision guided robotics
- vision inspection stations for traceability, quality, gauging & identification
- control system design & programming
- robot programming, including reach studies
- turnkey automation cells
- custom application development for manufacturing
- software product development for industrial devices & applications
Contact 2105 Fasan Drive
Oldcastle, ON NOR 1L0
Customer Service: 001-519-737-1012
Toll free: 1-877-GO-RADIX (467-2349)
Technical Support: 001-519-259-9238
Fax: 001-519-737-1810
Email: iopenfactory(at)
Company National Research Council Canada
Innovation in Automotive The National Research Council (NRC) is the Government of Canada's premier organization for research and development, bringing advanced knowledge and new technologies to the industries that form the backbone of the national economy. The Council has been active since 1916.

NRC Automotive group:

NRC scientists and engineers tests a variety of vehicles, materials and fuel technologies to keep Canadian surface traffic flowing and improve the safety of the country's roads and bridges.

Technology platform: 13 Institutes performing multidisciplinary R&D on the Green Car:
  • Fuel Efficiency: Light weight materials, Vehicle aerodynamics
  • Alternative propulsion: Plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles, Fuel cell vehicles, Bio-fuels
  • Cognitive Vehicles: Sensors and sensor networks, Telematics/connectivity, Vehicle health management

Innovation Platforms:

NRC Automotive, to gether with industrial and research partners, provides cost effective R&D and access to:
  • An extensive network of leading scientific and engineering experts
  • Research and development capabilities and specialized laboratories
  • State-of-the-art equipment and facilities found throughout 20 institutes across the country

Some of the automotive partner institues of NRC are CAMM -Centre for Automotive Materials and Manufacturing, IFCI –Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation, NINT –National Institute for Nanotechnology, PBI-Plant Biotechnology Institute etc.
For small and medium-sized automotive companies, NRC supports innovation by providing industry advice and research funding support through NRC's Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP)

Automotive partnership Canada fund (APC):

NRC is a key partner in an initiative that will provide $145 million in research funding over five years to support significant R & D activities in collaboration with the Canadian automotive industry. For more information, contact:
Contact London, Ontario, Canada
Contact: Joseph Varghese
Phone: 519-430-7122
Email: joseph.varghese(at)

Interview of the Month

Steve Rodgers, President of Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Asociation (APMA)

Question 1 Mr. Rodgers, could you please introduce to us the APMA?
Steve Rodgers The APMA is a collection of 300 automotive parts suppliers (Tier 1, 2 and 3) and associated automotive companies involved with the design, development and manufacturing of automotive components and systems for the global OEMs. Overall the automotive parts business in Canada is a $30 billion annual business employing more than 100,000 direct employees.
Question 2 What do you expect from the established automotive markets (USA, Europe, Asia/Japan) and from the new BRIC markets (Brasil, Russia, India and China) after the end of the world's economic crisis.
Steve Rodgers With respect to the established automotive markets, the NAFTA region has shown the quickest recovery and the most positive short-term signs within the automotive industry. Sales and production have both recovered and the bankruptcies of General Motors and Chrysler in effect forced a hard reset which is contributed to the positive recovery. Europe, for various different reasons, has lagged slightly in the recovery and we look forward to more positive uptick as we move into 2011. Overall Asia, including Japan, has seen a very positive recovery and of course China continues to be a dominant force in growing automotive vehicle production. Clearly close to two thirds of the growth in global automotive production over the next five year period will occur in the Asia-Pacific region. With respect to the BRIC countries, both Brazil and India have continued to show strong growth and great opportunity for automotive suppliers. Russia likewise continues to offer strong potential albeit a slightly more daunting challenge with respect to establishing viable business operations. Overall, the global economic recovery has been very positive for automotive suppliers that continue to be a number of very excellent opportunities.
Question 3 Despite the BRIC interesting is the European market for your members, the Canadian suppliers?
Steve Rodgers Clearly however, the European countries, especially the eastern bloc countries, represent another very excellent opportunity for global automotive parts suppliers. Both the French and the German automakers continue to demonstrate that a commitment to superior quality, excellence in product and continuous innovation represents the cornerstone for continued growth and success. The tie up of Chrysler and Fiat has created very specific business opportunities for North American suppliers. Although the euro has weakened since the beginning of the year, its overall strength has made North American suppliers more competitive and has caused Canadian suppliers to look towards Europe is another significant opportunity for global growth.
Question 4 ...and which German manufacturers and suppliers are especially interesting for Canadian companies?
Steve Rodgers Two German OEMs have presented that the most significant interest and opportunity for Canadian suppliers in the short term, Volkswagen and BMW. Volkswagen of course has made a strong commitment to growth in North America and the establishment of the new facility in Chattanooga Tennessee has of course created significant interest and opportunities for interaction with Volkswagen not only in North America but also on a global basis. BMW have also truly made a commitment to sourcing more components and systems in North America to support both their North American and European operations and of course this has been significant interest to our Canadian suppliers.
Question 5 When and where would it be possible to get more precise information in the next months?
Steve Rodgers There are many sources for containing information on the Canadian Ottawa parts industry. The APMA of courses stands at the ready to provide any information that is required. As well, as Canadian manufacturing companies, we are truly blessed to have the outstanding support of the Canadian government at both the federal and provincial levels. Information can be obtained from Canadian embassies and consulates around the world.

Do you have questions for Mr. Rodgers? srodgers(at)