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7/24/2016 : 2:44 pm : +0200

Network of Automotive Excellence - NoAE ®

NoAE objectives

  • NoAE is a free, open initiative for the automobile and supplier industry
  • NoAE is an inter company professional network with the objective to intensify
    • strategic
    • organisational and
    • technological
    exchanges of ideas and experiences between the companies


To increase the competitiveness of the participating companies through co-operation within the network.


The work of NoAE should aid members in revealing their trend-setting company strategies and should thereby guide them.
This will be realised through:

  • co-operation based on partnership within the network
  • exchanging ideas between experts, under the obligation of confidentiality
  • estimating the relevance of trends, processes/methods and technologies
  • use of synergies
  • pooling of common energies
  • an optimally accelerated implementation of innovations

In order to accomplish this, trust, transparency and understanding are the significant factors of success for NoAE and the participating companies.

History of NoAE

NoAE was founded in 2002 by well-known personalities of the automotive branch and with the collaboration of the European Commission.

Initiative Networks of Competence Germany

NoAE is an interregional automotive partner of "Initiative Networks of Competence Germany" by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.